Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer lovin

Our neighbors just put in a great pool and we have been the lucky ones to use it all the time. Luke's swim lessons are coming in VERY handy. Although he does love the "noodle"

Practicing their not-so-secret handshake..."the boom" we figured they were out growing the lets-hug-every-time-we-say-goodbye- age :)
ok, here is where the problem started. Drew was initially a little nervous about the water. (I was secretly thrilled) but it didn't take long for him to decide it was too much fun not to participate. EXCEPT, he thinks he is the next Michael Phelps and wanted to jump in and away from John. So....we figured, we would outsmart him and let him go under and see that he can't swim and get a face (and mouth) full of water. big. fat. fail. he went under....and came up laughing. he then proceeded to say "drew do it...drew do it" GREAT.

a cute one of Luke's BFF
so...the side of the pool wasn't enough for him...he climbed a rock and wanted to jump in. Doesn't that look like a face full of fear? ;)

John attempting to teach him how to float.
The boys

so mr. big boy decided to climb to the top of the waterfall. finally...when he looked down he got scared.

which unfortunetly didn't last long. yep, he jumped in...(and john isn't is 8 feet deep) he is sooo going to be a cliff diver someday :)
and we finished the night with a little bit of golf. they have a kids paradise next door :) I know, I know....we need to work with Drew on the rules of golf... :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day (a day late)

So, I wanted to post this yesterday but it is truly quite a feat to "interview" a four year old. But here are Luke's thoughts on the best Daddy in the world.
1. What's something Daddy always says to you?
I love you

2. What makes Daddy happy?
When I kiss him and when we play Star Wars together

3. What makes Daddy sad?
When I don’t play with him or when I am sad

4. What does Daddy do that makes you laugh?
When he tickles me in my belly
5. What did Daddy like when he was a little boy?
I don’t know..oh wait…jump roping :)
6. How old is Daddy?
I think Daddy is 100….or 31

7. How tall is Daddy?
This tall (hands to his head) well, about 6 high

8. What's Daddy’s favorite thing to do?
Play baseball

9. What do you think Daddy does when you're not around?
Cleaning and doing football at work
10. If Daddy were to become famous, what would he be famous for?
Building cool Legos
11. What is something Daddy is good at?
Running. He runs inside. Well both Daddy and I are good at Candy games

12. What is something Daddy is not good at?
Building things that Uncle Matt can build….like he can’t build Drew as a real person.

13. What's Daddy’s job?
Cleaning the house :)

14. What's Daddy’s favorite food?
Salad and pizza

15. Why are you proud of Daddy?
Because he is the best in the whole wide world, he is better than anyone.

16. If Daddy was a cartoon character, who would he be?
On Star Wars he would be the guy that has the hairband. Because he is awesome.

17. What do you and Daddy do together?
Look at fish with me at a museum. I like to help Daddy when he needs my help…like with work stuff.

18. How are you and Daddy the same?
We have the same hair and have the same faces.

19. How are you and Daddy different?
I don’t have that hair on my chin…but I am getting it, see?!

20. How do you know Daddy loves you?
Because he says that. He loves me with his heart
21. What's Daddy’s favorite thing about Mommy?
Your head. He likes everything but he really likes your hair.

22. Where is Daddy’s favorite place to go?
Jack in the box.

I love you.
~~added note....ok....John doesn't love Jack in the box...I have never seen him jumprope...or wear a hairband. Oh, and Luke definitely isn't growing hair on his chin :)
You are truly an amazing father. I am thankful that we get to go through this crazy life together. I am forever blessed to have you as the father of my children and best friend. The boys and I love you so, so much. Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathers Day photo extravaganza!

My friend Angela was going to have my dad take some pictures of her son Braden for Father's Day. I decided to creech on in and try and take some of the boys too.
Braden, Drew, Luke and Jett
Drew and Jett....they look so little here.

Nothing like boys and sticks

One of the hardest parts about taking the pictures....getting Luke to smile "normal" finally got a decent one here.
Braden and Luke...they look so old in this buddies that have a few good secrets :)
my luke
ok, how cute is he?
(candy really helps in the photo taking business) :)
jett, drew, luke and braden
there is that face.....

Drew was not happy at this point....he was "pouting" or at least Drew's version of pouting

Luke was pretty much over the camera at this point so the graffiti of ESCAPE is appropriate. He did not think "holding" the balloons was very amusing.
there is my happy boy!

The boys and their Papa
Trying another attempt at getting a picture of the three of us for, Luke, your tongue?!
ok, he is over it. O.V.E.R. it!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Slipping and a sliding

John is deep in house projects so we needed something to keep the boys outside....oh and happy :) so, a slip n slide it is!
Check out the helps him concentrate.

yep....definitely helps :)
Drew had the bright idea to catch the water with his mouth

and Luke followed right along...
love, love, love them
too stinkin cute

Drew has been pretty cranky lately (not feeling great) so it was great to see him so happy

Luke requested I take a picture of his muscles....then he asked if he could go grab his guitar in the house so I could take some of him "rockin out"
ok, does he not have the cutest little gut?!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A little fish and some ducks...

Luke started swim lessons this week and was very excited about it....well, until we got there and he realized what was going to happen. He had a few tears but after a good "get over it" speech from Daddy...he was good to go! It helped that he had a great teacher (one of John's former players)
At first he definitely did. not. like. it.

But after about 2 minutes he was having a blast.
He has the kicking and the keeping the head under water....we are now focusing on using the arms....oh and breathing :)

At the beginning of the second lesson I asked him when did he think he was going to be brave enough to go off the diving board. He told me that "I know I can do it when I am 35 mama." Well, by the end of the lesson look what happened......

He was VERY proud of himself :)
Our little fish

Uncle Matt and Julie surprised us by spending their last days of freedom (they both begin grueling internships in just a few days) with us. Of course Luke couldn't be happier. He dragged Julie and Matt EVERYWHERE tonight. He loves them :) We took the kids to the duck pond and Drew (our animal lover) was so excited.....he carried the bag of bread, very determined to see some "quack quacks"
a cute one of lil Jett
yes, Drew's hat is WAY too big and yes, he loves it that way :)
Like I said, he was so excited to see and feed the ducks and wouldn't you know it, we had the snobbiest ducks around. They basically turned the bills up at the bread.....when does that happen?!?!
I just asked Drew where did the ducks go? His response..."I don't know mama!"
Matt and Julie....trying to get the ducks to get a little closer for the kids
Drew and Jett
and lovely little Lila, adorable as always!
I tried to get a picture of Drew and Luke with their twins but this was the best I could do. Lovely faces by all :)