Thursday, June 18, 2009

A little fish and some ducks...

Luke started swim lessons this week and was very excited about it....well, until we got there and he realized what was going to happen. He had a few tears but after a good "get over it" speech from Daddy...he was good to go! It helped that he had a great teacher (one of John's former players)
At first he definitely did. not. like. it.

But after about 2 minutes he was having a blast.
He has the kicking and the keeping the head under water....we are now focusing on using the arms....oh and breathing :)

At the beginning of the second lesson I asked him when did he think he was going to be brave enough to go off the diving board. He told me that "I know I can do it when I am 35 mama." Well, by the end of the lesson look what happened......

He was VERY proud of himself :)
Our little fish

Uncle Matt and Julie surprised us by spending their last days of freedom (they both begin grueling internships in just a few days) with us. Of course Luke couldn't be happier. He dragged Julie and Matt EVERYWHERE tonight. He loves them :) We took the kids to the duck pond and Drew (our animal lover) was so excited.....he carried the bag of bread, very determined to see some "quack quacks"
a cute one of lil Jett
yes, Drew's hat is WAY too big and yes, he loves it that way :)
Like I said, he was so excited to see and feed the ducks and wouldn't you know it, we had the snobbiest ducks around. They basically turned the bills up at the bread.....when does that happen?!?!
I just asked Drew where did the ducks go? His response..."I don't know mama!"
Matt and Julie....trying to get the ducks to get a little closer for the kids
Drew and Jett
and lovely little Lila, adorable as always!
I tried to get a picture of Drew and Luke with their twins but this was the best I could do. Lovely faces by all :)

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