Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best Buds

Drew is starting to be able to really "play" with Luke...or at least be a great audience for him. Here he is watching Luke put together a puzzle. About two seconds later he destroyed it.

Drew is definitely my little daredevil. He just started taking steps but he still love, love, loves to climb on anything. This is how I caught him in the playroom. Yes, not quite the smartest thing since he is very unstable. I know he is going to be my bungee jumper. Luke is much more cautious then his brother. In fact, by the look of this picture, he may just excel in art. Here is a portrait he did of me all by himself. Pretty good for a 3 year old, huh? Oh, and just so you know...those circles around the "knee" area are my "bubbles." Um....thanks Luke.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Family day at Seaworld

I had the absolute best Mother's Day. I was able to sleep in (ok, that was best of all!) and when I woke up John and the boys had the house cleaned and a great breakfast. We decided (very last minute) to head to Sea World for the day. We had the greatest time.

Our very first stop was Big Bird's Beach Party Show. I thought that Luke was going to love this. He did but Drew really LOVED it. He was jumping and clapping like crazy. Who knew of his love for the bird??

He clapped and danced for the whole show.

Off to see the Shark Encounters.

Luke loved touching the starfish.

Momo and Papa decided to join us in the afternoon, right in time for the Shamu show. This was by far Luke's favorite part. He was on the edge of his seat, or Momo's lap the entire time.

Another very, very cool part was when Luke was able to pet and feed a dolphin. He was loving it. At this point Drew had gotten a little freaked out at Shamu (I think it was the music) so spent the rest of the day with his head on my shoulder.....he wasn't so into it. Maybe next time. :)
On the way home I asked Luke what was his favorite thing at Sea World. He said the roller coaster. Ok, we didn't ride or for that matter, even SEE the roller coaster. Go figure.

A great day at the park

We have a great park not far from our house. Last Saturday we decided to head over and play (and Luke could work on some of those baseball skills with his Daddy) :)

And we are off....I am not sure what Luke was happier about bringing his big blue bat or his Shrek lunchbox with our picnic.

He has the pose down.

Um, maybe not....he is swinging and as you can see, John still has the ball.

Ah, forget baseball, let's play!!

Ok, Jett has this huge, HUGE obsession with anything car related. He found this steering wheel and started "oohhhhing" like crazy (basically Jett's version of "score!!") Unfortunetly, Braden spotted this hot ticket item at the same time.

Yes, a slight shoving match ensued.... (as you can see in the pic, Drew wanted nothing to do with this madness)

And guess who won..........

10 Months

Drew is 10 months old. He is on the verge of walking. He stands alone all the time and has attempted steps a few times. He loves his brother more than anything in the world. Today we were driving in the car and he was done. I mean, done. Luke sang to him and told him "It's ok to cry, Drewbe (his little nickname that Luke gave him). We are almost home little brother." And then he started to sing him "You are my sunshine" Ok, how sweet is that? And the best part of all, Drew completely calm down. Oh how I love these boys. :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh, Luke!

An actual conversation from our car ride home tonight:

Luke: "Daddy, I love it when you give me big hugs" (I know, cute, huh?) "But Daddy, I know that Mommy buy you at the store"

Daddy: "What? Mommy bought me? Where did she buy me?"

Luke: "At Target, in the Daddy section. But she had to put you together. First your head and she spinned it around, and then your arms and then your hat."

Sidenote: I asked him later how much I paid for Daddy. He said a dollar. Apparently, I got a really good deal. Although, I am thinking that I shop at Target way too much. ;)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crazy kids

Drew is continuing his quest to be the first grandkid to head to the ER. He tries to get into everything! The poor child has bumps and bruises all over his little body. Well, I am sure his little trick manuever in this pic is why. :)

Drew is looking more and more like his Uncle Josh. The amount of food he can pack away is also very similar to his uncle. The boy can eat. Big time!

Drew also has a huge obsession with water. We have now had to resort to blocking him from the shower in the morning.

And now onto Luke. We signed him up for a baseball mini skills class. He was so excited! Umm...his excitement didn't quite equal his skill least yet. John says to give him some time :) The class was hilarious to watch. It was very similar to trying to herd cats. The kids were all over the place. Trying to get them to go to first base after hitting the ball was quite a feat!
Look closely at this picture, that is Luke's glove about 10 feet in front of him. Like I said, he needs a little work :)
Towards the end of practice Luke was getting a bit tired and it is his cranky time of the day anyway. I told him he needed to finish the class and then we would leave. He came running over to Momo and I telling us that he was just really worried that his teacher was going to hit him with the bat. He is so dramatic. And fwiw, I told him to get over it. :)

A classic Luke moment.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I can't believe he is 3!!

I can't believe our little boy is 3. This has been the best 3 years of our life and he is one of the (two) main reasons why! :) He has grown into this fiercely independent, hilarious, energetic, smart as hell, the best-big-brother-anyone-could-ask-for, little boy.

He is soo not a baby anymore or even a toddler for that matter.

Moments after birth. He gave us a bit of a scare when he was born (see...he started off dramatic!) and this was a pic that John took so I could see him. Hard to believe that he was ever that tiny.

First birthday and already loving the sweets.

For his second birthday we went to Disneyland. I think this is when his Woody obsession really took off. He really does think he is a cowboy. In fact, he really wanted us to get him some rope for his birthday. Yeah, I think Drew will thank us later in life for not granting that wish. :)

At his baseball themed party (hence the baseball shirt). The biggest surprise was his very own jumper from Momo and Papa. He is so spoiled and blessed. I was watching him out the window when some of his friends started to arrive and it totally made me tear up (not hard, I know :) but he was just. so. happy. Nothing is better than seeing that amount of joy in your child's face.

Here are a few more pics from his big day

Luke having breakfast on his special plate. I told him I would make him whatever he wanted. Um....he asked for Eggos. The same thing he asks for every single day. He then proceeded to ask me to sing Happy Birthday and blow out candles a billion times.

Luke with his best friends, Ty and Colie

One of his favorite parts, opening presents with Daddy.

My only organized game (and we almost forgot about it) the pinata