Sunday, August 9, 2009

End of Summer Block Party

One of our neighbors threw a block party to celebrate the end of summer. We have enjoyed every moment of this summer and are sad that it is over....
Our neighbors have a great water slide. Of course, Luke spent the majority of time on this.
Could he get any cuter?!
Another action shot....check out those CHEEKS! He starts holding his breath at the top :)

Our neighborhood is ALL girls. Literally. We figured Luke, Drew and Kaiden aren't going to mind this too much in 10 years :)

Drew is so funny. He LOVED this statue. He kept getting out of the pool, having a little conversation with "her" and then hopping back in. And yes, we have taken extreme measures with our little fish. He is a human marshmellow man.
He was devasted to go home....
And then, in true Drew form.....he let us know how he felt about it :)

The boys have their first day of preschool tomorrow......wish us luck!! :)

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