Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the last day (and the end of the million pictures)

Just a few more pictures from our never-ending vacation!



Nothing like sibling rivalry and wrestling to complete a vaca!IMG_3849


I think this was the day it was starting to hit poor Drew.  :(IMG_3852

a few more gray hairs but still so cute :))IMG_3856

her shirt says it all…IMG_3859

she refused to put her foot in the grass (at least one of her feet)IMG_3861


love love love herIMG_3870

To get this kid to take his meds we gave him anything and everything…..luckily diet coke always worked :)IMG_3871

Karen came down with her quadsIMG_3873

Raquel…and the ever popular ipadIMG_3874


attempting a group shot…..i was only able to get Drew looking…apparently there was something else more interesting!IMG_3883

Ruby doing what she loves to do, grab at Drew’s face.  Drew thinks it is the funniest thing in the world.IMG_3888

These boys ADORE Ruby.  Seriously, I think their new little sister is going to be one lucky girl.  :)


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