Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And Drew turns 5!

I can't believe my littlest boy is 5!  He is funny and silly and everything I ever wanted.  
For his birthday he wanted a camping party that was a sleepover.  The only problem is Drew tends to hang out with older kids, much older kids :)  Our group of friends are his favorite people.  So, he had a big party and he was the youngest :)

This was the only time I could get this boy to stop and smile.  

Luke is determined to learn multiplication....he spent the afternoon on a workbook he found in the dollar spot.  

First order of business when all the kids arrived, flag football.  This is Drew's kinda party :)

Ruby is in love with the swings.  

Lila, the one girl I know that could hold her own with all these boys :)

Camp Drew :)

So, it is the middle of summer, right?  We had planned on a camping party with tents outside, making know, a good ol camping party OUTSIDE.

Yeah, check out the ground.  What the heck??!!  Thunderstorms, REALLY?

dark, black clouds

Peyton, Drew's little crush, was so cute and came to hang out.  Made his day. :)  She put together a scavenger hunt/race for the kids.

But before that was cupcake time

yep, this boy was so happy.

Peyton and the race

ok, we hang out with the most competitive group of kids I know.  They were hilarious.  

I was worried about how the kids were going to do all sleeping over.  THEY did great, me not so much.  It started thundering and lightening all night long and I was so worried they were going to wake up and get scared.  Nope, all kids were asleep by 11ish and slept like babies.  (inside of course!)

Then it was up and time for more video games!

and playing outside

Drew the goon and his buddy Jake :)

Luke LOVED Drew's birthday...probably because the majority were his friends too!! :)  

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