Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Progressive Dinner

This past week we had a progressive dinner with the coaches families.  It started off at The Beans and our house….it helps that we are next door neighbors.  We provided drinks and appetizers.  IMG_9157

The boys started off playing some puzzle games…..


until the rest of the boys arrived and then it was time for football.  As you can see Drew was a bit nervous to jump in.  These boys were much bigger. IMG_9152

That lasted about a second…..


and then there was tackling…IMG_9155



yep, right in the middle of itIMG_9167

and a team huddleIMG_9171

love how loving they are to the injured :)IMG_9175


Devon taking a pic of the boysIMG_9183

and then my shot (Kaiden, Drew, Luke and Jake)IMG_9184



Sydney and DevonIMG_9189

The men.IMG_9190

The drinks and appetizers soon lead to a dance party.





And the kids (youngest to oldest)IMG_9202

our crazy group……IMG_9207

and our little familyIMG_9210

off to round 2.  We had plans to walk to each house (we are all within a mile or so) but the rain quickly changed that plan.IMG_9211

Stop two was the Daarstad’s house (hosted with the Clantons) for dinner.IMG_9212

Their boys are into Star Wars.  Needless to say, that made Luke very happy.IMG_9213


and nothing like a little black out hide and seek in the backyardIMG_9227


and for round three we were off to the Candaele’s for dessertIMG_9233



…..and after dessert and some wii playing, this little one was BEAT.  To home we go…..IMG_9241

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