Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We headed up to Momo and Papa’s for our annual Thanksgiving eating fest.  I made this cute little turkey (after copying my neighbor).


A carb nightmare :)


It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without wrestling and footballIMG_9250


I am thankful for him.IMG_9255

and her……the newest addition to our family, little Ree-roIMG_9258

Uncle Matt and LilaIMG_9260

It is impossible to a cute picture of the two of them….cute of Jett, not so cute of Drew…IMG_9262



Rin Rin’s family, Papa and Grandma JoIMG_9267

Four generations picIMG_9272

We need to do some head swapping in these to try and get a decent picture of everyone…IMG_9273

I think we got it… :)IMG_9274

Grandma Jo and her great grand kids..IMG_9276

Grandma Jo looks happy with all the chaos though! ":)IMG_9280

oh so seriousIMG_9281


and to think this is only a small portion of Grandma Jo’s great grandkids….IMG_9288

  Uncle Matt and his mini meIMG_9296

They so miss not seeing him all the time…


My little family IMG_9302

The cute little DePorto family IMG_9315

It was another fantastic Thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful for.  We are blessed beyond measure.

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