Sunday, July 18, 2010

land of the free and home of the brave!


After our La Cresta parade, we hit up the annual 4th of July day bash at the Valdes.


The boys found Max’s stash of Nerf gear and a war broke out.  Jett and Uncle Sean “hiding” from the Files boys.  Doesn’t Jett look menacing?IMG_9445


…here they come!IMG_9449

way to step into the line of fire boysIMG_9457

Jett and Uncle Sean’s gun got jammed so Drew declared himself the winner! :)IMG_9464

  in action….IMG_9467


Luke’s favorite was the scopeIMG_9473




so patriotic, huh?!IMG_9480

showing the muscles IMG_9483


Thanks again for another great party Valdes family!  Our kids look forward to it every year….only a few more years and they will be able to participate in the water polo matches!! :)

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