Monday, December 5, 2011

Go Buffalo!


A few weeks ago we headed up to the Rose Bowl with friends to watch the UCLA Bruins take on Colorado.  The quarterback for Colorado is one of the coaches sons so we wanted to go and cheer him on.

Of course, this was Drew’s idea of paradise :)


Charlotte was decked out in her football gearIMG_8360

Luke and his buddy JakeIMG_8366


My little family


John and his favorite girl IMG_8380

Brandon, John, Evan and Matt IMG_8385

Enjoying some jello :)IMG_8390

Luke and Ty and the pile of leaves they spent forever piling upIMG_8394


This entertained Luke for a long time.  IMG_8402

While Drew spent the ENTIRE time doing this….


The crew of kids

Sidney, Nolan, Jake, Drew, Luke, Kaiden, Ty, Hailey, Aly, Charlie and EthanIMG_8438


Ty was showing me the Colorado sign while Drew is remaining true to his Vista Broncos :)IMG_8466


Luke had had enough of the pick up football game so he watched a little Harry Potter in the car (we tailgated for HOURS)IMG_8472

Jake, Drew and a random kid from a few cars over.  :)IMG_8474

Go Buff!!IMG_8498

Charlotte at her first college gameIMG_8503





Oh man Drew, I can’t even imagine what YOUR college days are going to be likeIMG_8528

Luke, Kaiden, Ty and EthanIMG_8534

Even though we were rooting for Colorado, none of the boys turned down the free Bruins trading cards :)IMG_8558

This little one did so great (as always) but her daddy was about done with the drunk college kids getting too loud next to his princess….oh how times have changed :)IMG_8593

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Braden Matthew Johnson said...

It's been a while since I've checked in on your adorable crew. Cuter than ever!