Friday, April 22, 2011

A day at the park

Rin Rin had a busy working week and Momo was on kid duty so we decided to meet them at the park for some fun.

Oh little Ruby…..this little girl HATES me.  No clue what I ever did to her….but it literally goes from this….


to this in a matter of moments.  Eh, whateves…..Lila Lou loves me :)IMG_2023

He loves to be outside right now…all. the. time.IMG_2026


checking out the ducks (and Drew kept trying to feed them without throwing the bread but taking it from his fingers)IMG_2034





while the boys were feeding ducks, this little one was in her own world.IMG_2039





Drew…my little animal lover, came back to the ducks the entire time.  At one point I think he wanted to try and take one home.IMG_2054


these two are so funny, they stood there and talked about who knows what for the longest time.  probably about food :))IMG_2061

oh Ruby…someday you will like me.  It may take a truck of lollipops but I WILL win you over :)


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