Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ethan's 2013

So...I have gotten behind on the blog, but was motivated today (thanks Nicole!) to start it back up. I have two years worth to get caught up. :( So here goes...

Ethan had a Saints/Game truck themed birthday party but in order to appease all these princesses, Anne Marie and Raquel added an indoor tea party.

Charlotte approved. :)

Charlie kept adding more and more accessories.  It was definitely her kind of party!

Ethan and Drew, Brees fans for life!

Baby Jack!

Anne Marie joined in with the Brees love.

So, the game truck had to get up their huge driveway.  It took hours. And a broken window.  So the kids spent a good majority of the time watching the game truck maneuver. 

Ruby and Raquel

Still waiting

So photo op time!

Busted out the tractor to try and help.


The girls just turned the outdoor TV's into their own dance party

Then it was time for cake!

.......but Charlotte stole his thunder :(

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