Sunday, March 23, 2008

Luke couldn't take it...he wanted to see the Easter Bunny (yes, he thought he was actually getting a bunny) Here he is sneaking down for a little peek.

My boys (I know one day I will stop dressing them alike, I just can't do it quite yet!)

Love, love, love a little fat bunny :)

Poor Jett was SOO tired...Drew doesn't know what to think, Baby Jett is usually Mr. Happy

Trying to get a group shot (and for what it's worth, there wasn't a camera over in that direction)
Our family

The kids and their cupcakes (I am not a great cook, ask anyone, but my cupcakes were damn cute if I do say so myself)
Drew (showing off his new haircut, thanks Momo!)

Papa thinks Luke might be color blind because he was missing the large colored eggs right in front of him (I attribute it to a candy high!)
John laughing at Luke's antics
Luke taking a I said, too much candy :)
The DePorto Family (or aka Esan, Warren, Emma and Kel)

And they crash......(but check out those eyelashes!)
(Luke was still holding on to his new DVD, thanks Emma!)

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