Saturday, March 29, 2008

My little leprechauns

Emma spoiled the boys with a St.Patrick's Day treasure chest of goodies. Since we were in Vegas during St. Patty's day we celebrated it when we got back.
Luke has the stiffest look on his face because he so wanted to tear into that box but I made him stop and pose for pictures. I am no fun. :)
But he did take one moment to sneak in a kiss for Drew. He loves him.
Yes, and on to the loot!!!
Drew, of course, just loves to eat paper products
The box was FILLED with all things green (cookies, footballs, stickers, crafts, plates, bowls, sippys, coins, candy...I told you they were spoiled)

Luke calling Emma to thank her for all the goodies. And I also thank you for the shamrock stickers that now cover every surface of my house.

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