Saturday, October 18, 2008

Finally baptized!

We finally got the boys baptized today. Luke had a bit (ok, a lot) of anxiety about getting water one his head. He just didn't understand why anyone would need to get him wet. Once we told him it was water from God, he was ok with it. :)

Daddy and his boys.

We got there pretty early so Luke spent some time in prayer--oops, I mean playing bubble breaker on my phone.
Luke and his Godparents, Ama and Warren. Luke did think that he was getting some new parents today though. He was ready to go and move right in with them. I love how easily we were replaced. :)
And Drew and his Godparents, Uncle Sean and Rin Rin. Drew was so tired by this point. He was working that bottom lip and doing everything he could to stay awake.
Momo, Papa and their boys.
Luke wanted to really show his appreciation to Momo and Papa for everything they do for him. Nothing better than kisses!!
And more of those for his Momo.

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