Saturday, October 11, 2008

He is going to be a GREAT daddy

Luke that is. Ama and Warren sent Luke a fun green ticket in the mail.....Luke knew EXACTLY how he wanted to spend it, much to John's dismay.

Oh yeah, the baby collection. He has been wanting accessories for Ollie Dive for awhile now. But, according to Luke, it couldn't be pink. It is not easy to find "dolly" things that aren't pink. Luckily, Toys R Us had the perfect items to spend that money on!

A stroller? Check.

Bouncy seat? Check. Baby play blanket? Check. It also came with a little pack and play but Drew kept trying to climb in it so we weren't able to get any pics of Ollive Dive at rest. :)

So, I think that Luke is going to become a fabulous Daddy someday....very nurturing. Well, that was until he and Drew decided to try and rocket launch Ollie Dive in the stroller down the staircase. We will keep working on it. :)

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Evelyn said...

I just brought home another stroller for Ben yesterday and we took a walk through the mall with it. It's so funny how alike they are. These little da-das HAVE to get their babies together for a playdate=)