Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not the ending we were hoping for....

The Broncos made it to the CIF Finals...a huge accomplishment! The day began with this..... (watch all the way through)

Yes, that is John. Yes, he has a huge "B" painted on his chest. And yes, he did that in front of all the students. Oh....and yes, he apparently has some deep love for those Broncos :)
Unfortunately, the cheer was not quite enough to pull off a victory. We lost to those nasty Puma's 7 to 13. And the worst part, if we would have won we would have been playing for the state title. :( Oh well, there is always next year, right?!
This is how the boys had to spend the majority of the game, in a steamy little tent.


because of this......total downpour.


We can't wait for next year....especially Drew who is practicing his "handoff" every night.

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