Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome to the family Auntie Nikki!

This has been a long time coming but Josh and Nikki finally tied the knot. :)  We had such a great time, which was of course, documented with a million pictures.  Expect a few more of these posts…

Ethan and Luke at the rehearsal dinner

joshandnikki 007

The happy couplejoshandnikki 027

Um, Rin Rin… might want to watch your daughter a little closer…..joshandnikki 035

As I have said before, Luke loves Lila.  He dotes on her all the time.  Here he was trying to go in for a kiss….joshandnikki 036

um, erin………joshandnikki 037

….uh…..nice tongue lila!

joshandnikki 038

The groom and his best man.  Check out those shirts!!

joshandnikki 047

and the big day…..Luke looking oh so handsome!joshandnikki 048


and nothing like some Star Wars figurines to keep them quietjoshandnikki 051

Drew’s oh so cheesy smile

joshandnikki 052

and my handsome groom ;)joshandnikki 056

Luke’s gift to the couplejoshandnikki 061

So stinkin cutejoshandnikki 066

Poor Drew decided today was the day that he wasn’t going to nap.  Thanks Drew.  :(joshandnikki 070

There is a BIG reason that little Lulu loves her auntie so much.  One word: CHOCOLATE :)joshandnikki 076

Being introduced.  Yes, Luke wore the shades the majority of the night.  And what you can’t see….Drew directly behind Jett scared out of his little mind. :(joshandnikki 078

i think it was a bit too loud for this guest!joshandnikki 080

Momo, tearing up at Josh’s speech.joshandnikki 083

Luke tried to interrupt Uncle Josh during his speech to make sure he knew that he had made him a gift.  joshandnikki 084

ok, this looks cute and innocent huh?  Two cousins, having a grand ol time….joshandnikki 098

oh Lila, you silly girl…..joshandnikki 099

oh…wait just a second Lila, this aint so fun anymorejoshandnikki 100

give. it. to. me!!joshandnikki 102

oh, but wait, come back here sissy…..or watch out i might light saber you in the head (either of these thoughts could be going through Drew’s head :)joshandnikki 103

The rascally crewjoshandnikki 110

Jett, partying it up!joshandnikki 162

Uncle Josh and Drew (who apparently hit up the photo booth prop bucket)joshandnikki 167

 joshandnikki 176

Luke had a perma grin on all night.  I honestly think this was the most fun he had ever hadjoshandnikki 182

see, lovin it!joshandnikki 183

unusual dance moves though!joshandnikki 184

 joshandnikki 185


  Now, remember how i said Drew cried while being introduced?  He got over that shyness real fast.  Here he is in front of the entire dance floor getting down with the DJ :)joshandnikki 193

The beautiful bridejoshandnikki 195

Break dancingjoshandnikki 201

joshandnikki 259

love him.

joshandnikki 205


joshandnikki 212

and the garter toss…

joshandnikki 220

Luke looks like he is really wanting to catch it

joshandnikki 230

until he touched it and threw it right back to josh.  smart boy :)

joshandnikki 231

so sweet of Jett

joshandnikki 214

Josh and Nikki had pictures on each table of them dressed as famous couples.  As the night progressed, Luke decided he wanted a couple of these….

joshandnikki 242

he went to EVERY table asking for these pictures

joshandnikki 245

and even though this picture is blurry, i love it because he was so dang thrilled about his luck! :)

joshandnikki 246

and more dancing with pretty girls…

joshandnikki 270

joshandnikki 273

            and does this boy not look b.e.a.t?!  he was sooo tired but had the best time ever.

joshandnikki 192

Congrats again Uncle Josh and Aunt Nikki!!!  We are so happy for you!!!!

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