Monday, October 29, 2012

Our annual college football game

well, 2nd year in a row is considered annual, right? :)  Last year we went to the UCLA/Colorado game...this year it was SDSU/Hawaii.  

The group of kids.
Emily, Aly, Charlotte, Nolan, Ty, Kelsey, Kaiden, Luke, Sidney and Drew

Drew's bestie Nick was there too....

The Qualcomm parking lot wasn't quite the same as the green grass of the Rose Bowl...

but these boys were happy

Our family (and Josh and Ben) and a thanks to Kristin for the pics....I only brought my iphone for this game.

John and his favorite little girl who is learning the fine art of tailgating early.

Ben is the happiest at football games.  

Drew, Luke and Kaiden

out of order but here is Charlie and Ben on the drive down....

love this crazy kid.

these two are so cute together.  best buddies

me and my Drew.

John and I at our old stomping grounds.  Just older (and some gray hair....and three kids) :)

Luke and Nolan

Ty and Drew

Drew and Monty

Ben and SDSU's mascot.  Yes, he looks thrilled.

Monty and the boys

Ok, Charlie does NOT, does NOT fall asleep anywhere but her bed.  Well, she was beyond exhausted so John took her and walked her, bounced her.....fought her :) for almost an hour.  She finally gave in.  Josh, meanwhile, said to Ben, "oh buddy, you're tired? ok"  pat, pat, pat and he was out.  ridic. 


After the game, which SDSU won, they had the BEST fireworks show.  Seriously, it was AMAZING.  I want to go back next year just to see that.  Everyone loved it!

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