Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here comes Santa Claus....

We have a tradition in our house that every year we get the boys a new ornament. It is always related to something that is "big" in their life. One of Luke's first ones was Elmo. We then put the date on the bottom and our plan is when they get married we are going to give them a big box of all these ornaments to have with their own family. So, here is Drew, opening his surprise...Mickey Mouse. Actually, according to Drew it is Hot Dog!
And Luke's, Lightening McQueen
Our city has an annual tradition of Santa coming around the neighborhoods at night. He stops at different locations and the kids can see Santa and sing Christmas carols. Santa's stop was just up the street so we decided to walk. This is what Drew tried to leave the house in. Oh boy.
And, as you can see...he wasn't happy about what I had in mind for attire!

Luke and Kaiden. His bestest friend in the world. He LOVES living right next door to him. They play together so well and so often!

Luke and Santa...and yes, he asked for a Leapster again....
Drew hated everything about Santa. Look at the tear..... :(

And walking back home.

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