Wednesday, December 24, 2008

She said yes!

After many many years together Uncle Josh finally :) decided to propose to Nikki. Of course, as over involved as we all are, the entire family was there to witness the event! Hey, he invited us....There is this house in Murrieta that goes ALL OUT with its Christmas decorations. It has even been featured on HGTV. Well, Nikki loves this house and the two of them go every year. The man that owns the house does an entire show to music so Josh has stopped by his house last week and asked if he could stop the show at some point and play their song. Needing to go one step further Anne Marie and Lawrence made this huge box out of lights to spell out Josh's message....
Here they are as the song started to play...Nikki was very confused.
And Josh pointing out the message.

And the moment. She was so shocked.

And the light display. Ok, how cute is that sign?!?

Congratulations Uncle Josh and Aunt Nikki!!!!

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Evelyn said...

Awwwww! So sweet=) This made me cry. Congratulations to the happy couple!