Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What’s summer without watermelon?

We were at Momo’s the other night and she had a big ol watermelon for the kids. 


Jett chose to lick the watermelon…..IMG_8568

And look closely at the ground, that is Jett’s General Grievous that Rin Rin made a cape for….forget the bows and flower clips, she is now into making superhero gear.IMG_8572

Diggin in!


…but still licking….IMG_8573

Drew wasn’t sure what to make of Jett’s licking..he is a boy who likes to devour food (as is apparent by his buddha belly)IMG_8574

oh so silly…..IMG_8577


picking out the seedsIMG_8583

yep….still licking……IMG_8584




  is it fair that he got those eyelashes??!IMG_8600

Lila, enjoying it all.lilalou

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