Thursday, January 10, 2008

2007- A year in review

2007 has been a fantastic year for us. So, here it is....our year in review.
We took our annual trip to Big Bear. Luke loved the nature center. Papa took him to see the "bears". He wasn't a big fan of the snow or sledding....maybe next year. Although he did love spending all that time with his cousins, Raquel and Ethan and running from cabin to cabin.

And yes, he was giving himself a "bath"
In February Luke had to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. He was a trooper....he was eating french fries not long after getting out of surgery. I think it was harder on me! :) I bawled when they took him back to was awful. But, he did great! As you can see, he had no problem saying "cheeeese"

A new cousin was born (early!). Jett Thomas was born on March 9th (seven weeks early). He is absolutely adorable.

Luke turned 2 on May 3. He is getting so big. We took him to Disneyland where he met the love of his life (so far...) Minnie. He kept calling her name and waving, finally, he couldn't take it anymore and he ran and hugged her. I think he cut in front of the line.
At the end of May, Uncle Wade and Aunt Melissa got married and Luke was the ring bearer. He did a pretty good job but he really loved the dancing part!
We also went to a few Padre games. He loved the "beach" area. It is a huge sand area for kids in the outfield.
We spent most of June getting ready for Drew's arrival. We were counting down the days. Luke thought there was a baby in his belly too.

Papa went to Luke's Father's Day breakfast at ABC. Daddy had a meeting so Papa enjoyed pancakes with Luke. To say he was excited to have his Papa with him is an understatement.

Our biggest month of the year!! Drew Jackson was born on July 12 and was a perfect addition to our family. He has been such an easy baby and Luke has loved having a little brother.
Here they are meeting for the first time, just moments after Drew was born.
Our first family photo.
Drew went on his first vacation at only a week old. We went to the beach for a week and he did great. Here are the cousins, from youngest to oldest.


Ok, their head sizes in this is amazing....Jett has a large noggin! :) It is hard to believe they are only 4 months apart.

Football season! Since Uncle Sean has been in Australia since July, Auntie Rin and Baby Jett attended many of the games with us. Luke loved showing him the ropes of being a Bronco fan. Drew continued to be the easiest baby. He is so sweet and such a lovebug.

For Halloween, Luke and Drew were both cowboys. We also started to try (and I emphasize try because we still are not successful) to potty train Luke. He has no interest. Ah, hopefully someday. As our pediatrician told us, he won't go to college in diapers.....
Here is Luke sitting on the toliet and Drew sitting in the Bumbo, different seats but same expression!

Luke and Drew's great grandma came to visit from Oklahoma. We had the best time. Luke wore her out! He still talks about Oklahoma and wanting to go there on a helicopter.

What a great ending to an incredible year. We have enjoyed every moment. Drew has been the best "present" we could have ever asked for.
We can't wait to see what is in store for 2008.