Saturday, June 14, 2008

Exciting times in the Files house!

We have been very busy lately. The school year just ended (woot woot for summer!). Drew has been deperately needing a haircut (his hair grows so, so fast, a trait he gets from his Daddy). Well, I was getting desperate so decided to give him a little trim at home :) It was a piece of cake....I think the ice cream helped keep him distracted. (you can see the results in the previous post)

And for our biggest challenge of the summer....potty training Luke. We did try this once before....and we weren't very successful. So, today was Day 1 of Operation Big Boy and if I say so myself, he did terrific! He only had one accident (after returning home from Tyler and Caleb's birthday) but he did make it through a whole party diaper free! He woke up this morning and told Drew "Drew, I am going to give you all of my diapers because I am going to wear chonies and be a big boy!" Ok, so here he is, in his "chonies" and he is so. freaking. proud.

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