Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Easter


The boys loot


They were half asleep but begging to go downstairsIMG_2349

Big ol chocolate bunniesIMG_2350

Drew is obsessed with snails.  Obsessed with the nasty little things…..the Easter Bunny came through with his own (stuffed, non slimy one) IMG_2353



And then to Momo’s….I took advantage of little Ruby giving me a rare grinIMG_2365

Luke’s bestieIMG_2366

My DrewIMG_2371


Checking out the loot at Momo’sIMG_2378

Uncle Josh’s birthday happened to be on Easter too…..but little Lila thought it was HER big day :)IMG_2389

Go for it Lila :)IMG_2393

Ruby partaking in cake well before her first birthday….an Owens traditionIMG_2396

Off for the egg hunt (ignore Drew’s outfit choice…right when we got to Momo and Papa’s the boys decided to go exploring and somehow both of my kids ended up very muddy….)IMG_2397


He refused to run with a basket or bag….IMG_2412

Love her…..even if she doesn’t love me yet….IMG_2415

Drew stopping the candy chaos to check out…what else? a snail





Kel and EthanIMG_2429


My boysIMG_2438


Forced smiles are never as cute but I will take what I can getIMG_2440


the youngest (for a little bit longer) and the oldestIMG_2445


Rin Rin wanted me to take a pic of her kids…..this is the best we could do.  They were ready to eat more candy.IMG_2461

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