Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!


One of my favorite days in kindergarten is the Memorial Day Bike Parade.  I have been telling Luke about it for years and he was just as excited when it was finally his turn.  John and Luke tricked out his scooter with loads of red, white and blue.


I asked him to give me a non cheesy grin and this is what I got….. :)IMG_2952

Back to full cheese…..and so damn excitedIMG_2962

The kids ride their bikes through the entire school….as he came around the bend, this was the face I saw…. :(IMG_2972

Of course being the compassionate Mommy that I am, I told him to keep going.  He was crying hard (look at those tear stained cheeks :( but I told him he didn’t want to miss out….he mumbled something about falling down, but I kept saying suck it up buttercup and solider on.  Well……the next time around the bend he told me that his leg really hurt.  Um……I looked down and it was a mess.  He skinned it pretty good.  Oh, the mommy guilt….. :(IMG_2973

It was nothing Miss Nancy in the health office couldn’t fix with 6 band aids.IMG_2975

….and then he was off and riding…. :)IMG_2978

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