Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Broncos are 2-0!

The Broncos are off to a great start. Tonight was the first home game and the boys had so much fun.
One of Luke's favorite parts is the fight here he is giving the "V"
Drew loving football life!
My loves. This was about the only time I was able to get them both to sit, at the same time.

Drew thinks Momo is so so funny. He has the cutest little scrunched up face when he grins!
Baby Jett--also supporting the Broncos! (And yes, that is a football jacket with a little bit of ol Reagan peeking out) :)
The actual game got a bit boring to the they are in the sand pit making a sand castle. It was actually pretty funny because they had a system to this whole madness.

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Josh said...

They are not the only Broncos that are 2-0!!!