Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A whole lotta boys!

Our Tuesdays are always spent at Stadium Pizza. The whole family gets together for "Two for Tuesday," of course on Momo and Papa's dime :). This week we changed it up and headed to Momo and Papa's house since Ama and crew were there.


And what could be better than Momo's, Ethan and sticks?

The boys.
My little Drew. Doesn't he look so sweet and innocent? Don't let that little face fool you. Apparently he has learned how to turn on the stove at Miss Sarah's. Lovely, huh? It is amazing how different two kids can be. Luke would have never (and still wouldn't) even think about doing this. But Drew is my little chair-climbing-curtain-pulling-bed-jumping-monkey. :)
I am the recipient of this look quite often. Luke's eyebrows are about one of the most expressive parts of his face. This is the "why are you not letting me do x, y, or z" face. Usually it is followed up by "please" or "pretty please" or "just for 3 minutes" routine.
And little Baby Jett. He was a HAM tonight. Everytime he saw the camera, he was "ceeseee" (cheese)ing all over the place. Usually he is a little mommy's boy. Little did I know that the camera was the next best thing!
Oh, and on the theme of boys, boys, boys, Rin Rin is finding out what she is having on Friday. I am thinking it is a boy but keeping my fingers crossed for a girl! We need some barbies and pink tutus with all these boys! :)

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