Sunday, September 28, 2008

We're country!

It's official, Ama, Warren and kiddos are moving to the country. And the best part, they are going to be just a (uphill) hike from Momo's. Since Ethan is Luke's BFF, he is beyond thrilled. We were up there tonight and their cool Uncle Sean was bringing out all the toys. He had remote control buggys, airplanes, you name it, he had it. Luke and Ethan were not to fond of the loud noise.....

How much cooler can Uncle Sean get with these kinds of toys?
Luke saw this thing racing around and the loud noise was forgotten, he took off to see it closer.
Yep, and ran right into a dust cloud. Brillant. But he loved every second of it.
And just a cute one of lil Jett.

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