Monday, August 4, 2008

Anybody have a leash??? Or a bubble??

Poor Miss Sarah. Seriously, she has to be traumatized. Today was Drew and Luke's first day back to Miss Sarah's house. I warned Sarah that Drew had officially turned into a monkey. Well.......she saw it for herself. Drew took a nasty tumble off of a chair and bit through his lip. Yes, it looks like he went all the way through. The thing is, I bet if she would have put him down right after this little incident, he would have gone straight for the chair, bloody lip and all. So, the poor little guy has the fattest lip ever. The good news was that he didn't need stitches, I think that would have tramatized ME! I don't know what we are going to do with him. Boy in the bubble?? Small cage??
This was in the bath tonight. Of course, happy as a clam. Although his dinner was a chocolate milkshake so he could have been on a sugar high. I was too worried about him eating anything. Doesn't look bad from this angle does it??
In this picture you can see the little teeth marks. The inside looks way worse. But hey, don't girls think scars are hot? ;)

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Purrrfect433 said...

Poor baby!!! Look at those big baby-blues, though!