Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is it the terrible THREE's??

The 2's were a breeze. Luke never really threw major temper tantrums, I never had to drag him out of a store screaming--basically he listened. He was very easy. Well, that has been changing the past few weeks. It isn't that he is not listening. He just has suddenly realized that he is the oldest. He thinks he can take toys from his younger brother (and cousin). It is quite the little battle in our house. Although, the interesting part is Luke is brutally honest. Seriously, he tattles on himself. For example, on Friday we were driving home from Miss Sarah's and he proceeds to tell me that he had a little fun in the bathroom with the soap. He said "Momma I was trying to clean the walls and the wall up there (um, the ceiling?) and I just squirted it and squirted it. Miss Sarah said No more soap, Luke" We had quite the little talk when we got home about how to wash his hands and that Miss Sarah doesn't need any help "cleaning" the bathroom.
His least favorite spot in the house, time out. After he was put in time out he told me, "Momma, I chilled out." Yeah little dude, you needed too. :)
I told him he need to share his cars with Drew. He was really thinking about which one he was willing to part with..... :)

Waiting for Daddy to get home. They live for him to walk in the door.

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