Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Ollie Dive.....

Luke loves little Ollie Dive. Much to John's dismay, Drew now has an obsession with Dora. He has been walking around the house saying "dor-uh". It is too cute. Last night at Target I thought he really needed a Dora doll. I held back from actually getting him a Dolly and got him a bath toy. As you can see, he loved it. Interestingly, John had the boys playing basketball and baseball in the house tonight. Hmmm........nothing like a little sports with Daddy to make them drop those "dolls"!! :)

This is how Luke came down the stairs tonight. Think his hands are a little full?? Oh, and I am really trying to talk him out of being Woody for Halloween. He was Woody last year so I really think we need something new. So, now he wants to be Buzz Lightyear. Can't we move out of the Toy Story theme?

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